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Infrastructure Solution & Service Provider

Veremax Management Services Pvt Ltd (Veremax) is established with a mission to provide innovative telecom infrastructure solutions, internet services, software development support by leveraging world-class technologies in a most economical way. Our business model of infrastructure support based on supplying, installing & commissioning, operating and maintaining the passive infra utilities, enables the telecom operator to have the entire passive solutions from a single window. We have got the license for infrastructure provider facility. For the ISP business and digital TV, our group has got a PAN India class A license for providing the internet services as well as digital TV and we are having strong presence in all the metro cities and all the cities in south India.​

About Us

Tower Installation Provider

We are Tower Installation Provider; we are leading tower Installation Company for all wireless telecommunication networks. We are best in business and experienced. Our expertise lies in our work order.

We deliver our services in all over India, and install tower of every telecommunication network.

Tower Installation Provider work on shaping the vision of connected India in reality, .

We are working on connected every city, every village, every part of India with each other. .

Tower Erection

5G towers and custom structures

Monopole, self-support, and guyed towers

Pre-existing structures (buildings, rooftops, water tanks, silos)

Stealth tower solutions (flagpole, pine tree, church steeple, bell tower)

Ice bridge/cableway

Line and antenna installation

Tower Testing

With in-depth RF engineering expertise, construction crews are certified to conduct the following tests to ensure proper installation, optimal functionality, and regulatory compliance:

Sweep testing

RF signal readings

Passive Inter modulation (PIM) testing

Common public radio interface (CPRI) testing

Fiber Optical Time Domain Reflecto meter (OTDR) testing

Our Services

Tower Installation on Land

The operators and maintenance personnel, who are dealing with radio frequency devices, specially with Base Station Antennas installed on towers and at any other outdoor sites.

Tower Installation on Roof

Mobile phone towers installed on top of buildings are a definite threat to human health. According to experts, radiation from mobile phones used for long duration is higher than those.

Microwave installation

The operators and maintenance personnel, who are dealing with radio frequency devices, specially with Base Station Antennas installed on towers and at any other outdoor sites.

High Quality Work

We are one of the top telecommunication tower companies in India. We believe a good quality of work, build trust between a company and consumers. We does not comoromise with qualty. Our quality always best for consumer.

Tower maintenance

We also provide tower maintanance services. If you already have a tower installed or you installed a tower from us or want tower maintanance services.

Fiber Optic Splicing

High performance fiber optic connectivity is now a critical component within every network infrastructure. This evolution has driven innovations in a range of areas, and fiber optic splicing is no different. Traditional methods of anaerobic epoxy connections for field-termination have been joined by a range of next generation splicing approaches that offer more flexibility and support your current and future termination needs.

Why Choose Us

Outstanding Services

We would like to give you a 24x7 hour customer service. You can tell me if you have any kinds of problem. Which we look forward to serving you.
We are help you and your local area to build a new tower with our Company. If you have to set a new tower then you can contact our agent and you can get updated information.
Our Area Manager and Agent give you the right directions along with help you. Which you always work for you. we are strugle with high resolution data transfer for you

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